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When talking about equality it is usually about what women can or should do to change things. Fortunately many men express their disagreement with this, their want to participate. I have run into a few articles and videos about just this.

As I had been looking at the website of the Lean In initiative, Google indicated a Leanin event on livestream:

Kunal Modi presented a chapter he wrote for the new “Lean in for graduates” specifically addressing the male aspect of leaning in. He called it “Man up and Lean in”. Modi had reacted earlier to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article “Why women still can’t have it all” with an article in Huffington Post named “Man Up on Family and Workplace Issues: A Response to Anne-Marie Slaughter”. I understand his collaboration with Lean In came from that article.

At above-mentioned Livestream event, Kunal Modi presents his chapter, and I was amazed by his ideas but what blew me away was the discussion with the audience afterwards. I was born in the 70’s. This audience and the speaker were born in the 90’s. I realised how different that made us. Just 20-something years.

Anyway. Triggered by this new data, I went out to look for more on what men can do to improve equality and argumentation on why this is really in their own best interest.


In a recent article in Marie Claire Belgique, I found “Guy’s Guide to Feminism”, published in 2011 by Michael Kimmel et Michael Kaufman. The authors wanted to communicate how “it’s crucial to educate men about feminism in order for them to fully understand just how important and positive these changes have been for them”. I haven’t read Guy’s Guide to Feminism” yet but I am ordering it.


Sherryl Sandberg argues in Lean In that a better work-life balance within your couple improves the relationship and particularly improves your sex-life. All good, right?


To round up this blogpost, a few TED references:

- Anne-Marie Slaughter: “Can we all “Have it all”?”

- Linda Salane: Why are we still talking about women’s issues in 2013?


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* Do you know of another document or video about what men can do to improve equality and why? Thanks for sharing the link in a comment. *

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