The importance of role models

As everyone, women need role models to inspire them to pursue their professional ambitions. Unfortunately self promotion does not come easy to women, especially if they are fighting for their jobs in those high positions.

This February, I was invited to a lunch event organised by law firm Linklaters in Brussels. Women War Stories is a podium for highly positioned women to share their experience with women at any level. In a very informal format, the guest tells her story and answers questions from the audience. An opportunity for even interns to get to know very high profile women.


I highly admire this initiative aimed at providing one of the essential ingredients for women to confidently build their career: a roll model.


Finding role models depends not only on there being, in this case, women in a position similar to what you are dreaming of. These women also need to be public figures for you to hear about them.


Knowing that it takes a woman a lot more work to reach a next level in her work, these potential role models, unfortunately, don’t have much time to spend on promoting themselves. So how do you get to hear from them, let alone meet them?


The issue of self-promotion. That’s one we’ll have many opportunities to discuss.

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